Meet Our Crew

Corey Levin

Anthony Santana

Daniel Kinney

Web Developer

Not every web developer is cut from the same mold. Dan carries the unique ability to not only program and develop, but also to design, write copy, edit, and be uber creative. This, along with the many languages of code that he knows, allows Hardcore to not only expedite web sites, but make them stand out and shine.

Dan has been working in the web development field for nearly a decade, and is on top of any and all changes to coding languages and algorithms. Not one of his clients has ever said "let's go back to the drawing board"!

His portfolio of clients is extremely diverse, from local mom & pop's, to national retail chains and Real Estate companies. And one of the best things about him is that he always lives up to this motto: "It doesn't matter how big or small the company is, I'm going to give them everything I have, my very best, to make them shine".

Rachel Sobel

Content Creator

She's not just your typical mommy blogger, documenting the intricacies of parenthood on That's right! In her previous life, she was a sought after PR Flack within the technology and B2B sectors. Rachel spent almost two decades of her career on the agency side, helping start-ups craft their go-to-market messages and strategies. While start-ups in stealth mode are a huge part of her career history, she also spent time on the sidelines of some big consumer-facing brands such as ESPN, Kraft Foods and Britax Child Safety.

From itty bitty software companies, to well-established brands, Rachel honed a specific set of skills to help companies tell their stories through content. The same passion that goes into her personal articles for the Huffington Post, ScaryMommy and other mainstream media outlets, also fuels her ability to churn out highly focused content for Hardcore clients.

Rachel doesn't simply write. She uses her unique ability to create a story in the voice of the storyteller. It's this trait that makes even the "boring" content, engaging and impactful.